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5 Bag making tools that I can’t live without!

5 favourite bag making tools

Hi Everyone,

I have been wanting to talk to you about my favourite bag making tools for aaagggggeeeeessss, and the day is finally here! I am so happy that I have time to share them with you today  – yippee 🙂  These tools are my current favourites and I may not use them on every bag I make, but whenever the opportunity arises to use them I do. Some of these tools make steps in bag making faster, others make steps easier, and some are just super fun in my opinion – lol! Sorry, my bag making nerd is showing ;P


1. Sewline glue

This is my FAVOURITE tool for installing zips in my bags.  A little glue on the zip tape and position your zip.  The glue holds it in place while you sew it into position – Best. Invention. Ever! I had messy zips until I started using this glue…now they are not so messy 😉


2. Double Sided Hemming Tape

This is great when working with leather or vinyl.  You can not use pins with Leather or Vinyl and wonder clips (another favourite, but they didn’t make my top 5), only work when you can clip at the edge of the bag…but what if you need to overlay some vinyl or leather in the centre of a panel on your bag and said wonder clips can’t reach to hold it in position? Double sided tape to the rescue!  I love hemming tape in particular as it doesn’t gum up my needle, and once sewn you wouldn’t even know it was there 😉
I also use double sided hemming tape to make these tassels and strap connectors.


3. Fusible Web Tape

I know…you would probably think with glue and hemming tape in this list already, why the hell do you need fusible tape as well?!  Well, you probably don’t if your happy to use these other tools, but this is my favoutite tool for things like making piping, or if you need to fuse foam to your fabric.

When making your own piping, this stuff is the BOMB!  It makes the process so quick and easy, all you have to do is fuse the tape to inside long edge of your piping fabric and then place the piping cord down the centre of the piping fabric, fold the fabric over so the long edge meets and fuse – yep!  simple 🙂

The other great thing to use fusible web tape for to baste the foam to your fabric.  I personally hate basting fabric to foam by sewing them together, as my fabric always slips or stretches and nothing ends up matching up as perfectly as I would like…plus I am pretty lazy when it comes to bag making prep, if its too time consuming to get it perfect I would rather find an easier way to do it – lol!  What I do is place the fusible tape around the edge of the foam, (within the seam allowance) and fuse the fabric in place – using the manufacturers directions.  It’s easy, quick and gets great results!


4. Chopstick

I love my chopstick for turning tubes of fabric and for pushing out corners on pockets or bags – I couldn’t live without this thing 😉  And the best part…mine is metal, so it won’t snap like my old wooden one did – lol 😀


5. Hubby’s Hammer

Hubby is less than pleased that I have stolen this from his man cave, but lets face it, I use it HEAPS more than he does 😉
I use my Hubby’s hammer to install rivets and eyelets…aaannnnnddddd I also use it to smash the hell out of thick seams on my bags!  This ever so scientific smashing method has helped me finish countless bags that otherwise may have been sent to the unfinished bag graveyard – lol!  I always smash away on the WRONG side of my bag seams…that way if anything bad happens – I’m not sure what, but I’m super paranoid about it, lol! – it won’t be able to be seen once the bag is finished 🙂


These are my favourite tools, but what I want to know is…what are yours? What can’t you live without in your sewing room? Leave me a blog comment or send me an email (emma at emkiedesigns dot com) if you prefer, I really would love to know what your favourites are 🙂

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Happy Sewing!

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  • Reply
    Anita Holgate
    August 4, 2016 at 7:46 am

    Hi there,
    I love using a hammer in those ways also.
    Another favourite tool of mine is the Clapper Pressing Tool. Terrific for crisp and clean handles for one thing,

    • Reply
      August 4, 2016 at 10:56 am

      I actually don’t have a clapper! But it sounds like i should get one 😉

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    2016 The Year that was…
    December 7, 2016 at 8:35 pm

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