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Hi everyone 🙂

I haven’t written a favourite 5 post before, but I wanted to share a little more about me! 

So here are my 5 favourites for you all:

ONE – My 5 favourite things the Little Monster says (at the moment) are:

1. In goes (in it goes)

2. New bapppy (new nappy)

3. Oh yeah 

4. Ig huggy (big hugs/cuddles)

5. Pees (please)

TWO – My 5 favourite blog posts that I read last week (I’m a little behind in my blog reading :P) were:

2. See Kate Sew – Floral trucker hat DIY
3. Sew Delicious – Rewind and Rebind 

5. Lil Pip Designs – Am I getting old?

THREE – My 5 favourite recipes to make at the moment are:

1. Creamy chicken and vegetable soup – from Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes* by Annabel Karmel

2. Thai green curry – from Superfoods for Babies and Children* by Annabel Karmel (this is the Little Monsters favourite too!)

3. Minestrone soup – from Low cholesterol recipes for life, from the better living collection (hubby loves this too!).  I bought this particular recipe book from a local op-shop, but it does seem to be available here too.

4. Sweet and sour chicken balls with rice – from Superfoods for Babies and Children* by Annabel Karmel

(Source* and Source*)
*denotes affiliate links

Did you notice that the majority of my favourite recipes here are from Annabel Karmel’s books? I only own 2 of them, but they are great tasting dishes and have helped the little monster to not be too fussy an eater 🙂

FOUR – My 5 favourite must makes (for me):

1. A Set of Coasters using this tutorial.

2. A hexie sewing kit using this tutorial.

3. A sewing kit/caddy for the car using this tutorial.

4. Some fabric boxes – using this tutorial.   Or if I need them in a hurry…some fabric covered boxes

5. Some new cushion covers using this tutorial.

FIVE – My 5 favourite pins at the moment are:

3. A Letter for you – zipper pouch

Hope you have all enjoyed my favourite finds 🙂

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