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A birthday gift for someone I have never met

Hi Everyone 🙂
Once or twice a year my hubby has to travel to the US for work – I know such a hardship for him! I do wish he would take me though – ha ha 😀
Last year when he went I was heavily pregnant with M (can you believe he is almost one?!  I can’t…this year has gone way too quickly!) – in fact I gave birth about 3 days after he arrived home…LUCKY!
Anyway back to the story….Last year hubby’s US work friend’s wife had just given birth to their 1st daughter – so fantastic 🙂
This year hubby was over there working and was lucky enough to be able to help celebrate her 1st birthday with them, so I had to make a gift for him to give the little cutie 🙂
I decided to use some of this, an owl print, to make a quick softie…
this is a Cotton Drill I picked up at spotlight last year.

The owl was finished quite quickly 🙂
Although it took a lot of poly-fill…more than I would have thought possible, 
but then it has been quite a while since I made a softie ;D

Hubby tells me the gift was well received, so that makes me happy…I hope it gets lots of hugs over the next few years 🙂

What have you been sewing lately?

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