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An in-depth look at Mel’s entry to the Mystery “Bag” Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I LOVED all the entries onto this last round of the Mystery “Bag” Challenge so much that I thought you would all enjoy a more in-depth look at each of the entries 🙂

So here is the line up:
August 29th – In-depth look at Mel’s Entry – TODAY (a couple of days late – oops!)
September 5th – In-depth look at Liz’s Entry
September 12th – In-depth look at Annika’s Entry
September 19th – In-depth look at Christine’s Entry
September 26th – In-depth look at Lynn’s Entry

This was Mel’s Entry…

She entered her creation in the following category: 

Category 1: Design a beautiful and original bag that incorporates the mystery items – no pattern required to be published…this one is just to show off your bag making skillz

Mel used the following items from the Mystery List in her creation:

Gate rings, rivets and ribbons.

She told me…

I used the gate rings to create the point to clip the shoulder strap onto, feeding them through grommets on the body of the bag. I made flowers from the ribbons to become the main theme of the bag, to create the “Posy”. The rivets were used as the centre of the flowers to attach them to the pocket.

What you enjoyed most about the Mystery “Bag” Challenge?

I quite enjoy designing a bag around the hardware required. It puts a different spin on designing the bag first, THEN adding hardware. I also like the challenge of using hardware/notions that I wouldn’t normally use, less common items.

Tell us a bit about you! How long have you been sewing? Why do you enjoy making bags? What machine do you sew on? What materials do you like working with the most when making bags? What is your favourite part of the bag making process? What is your least favourite part of the bag making process?

I’m an army wife with kids, and I took up sewing about 5 years ago shortly before my youngest was born. I started with simple things like buntings & cushion covers, but was itching to challenge myself and learn more skills. I discovered bags, and loved that I could make original, practical items that could be used every day. I love that the same bag pattern can look so different in different fabrics.

I sew my bags mostly on an Elna Elina 40, which I highly recommend! It’s a fairly base-level computerised machine, but I work it to death and she’s still going strong after 3.5+ years. Only rarely has she struggled with heavier jobs like leather, but for that I bought a few vintage machines. A Singer 201k, Pfaff 332, and you can’t help but own a featherweight so I have a Singer 222k as well :).

Fabrics? Mostly cottons, but I’ve recently fallen in love with Cork. Very easy to sew with and gives a beautiful finish. I don’t mind a bit of leather, but I’m still on the learning curve with that :). I also love the faux leather from U-Handbag, but devastated that she’s closing down!

My favourite and least favourite things are probably common…favourite is the finished product, least favourite is cutting!!

You can find Mel’s work here.  Also keep an eye out for this pattern, as she hopes to release it in the future 🙂

Until next time, happy sewing!

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