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An in-depth look at Lynn’s entry to the Mystery “Bag” Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I LOVED all the entries onto this last round of the Mystery “Bag” Challenge so much that I thought you would all enjoy a more in-depth look at each of the entries 🙂

So here is the line up:
August 29th – In-depth look at Mel’s Entry 
September 5th – In-depth look at Liz’s Entry 
September 12th – In-depth look at Annika’s Entry 
September 19th – In-depth look at Christine’s Entry
September 26th – In-depth look at Lynn’s Entry – TODAY

This was Lynn’s Entry…

She entered her creation in the following category: 

Category 1: Design a beautiful and original bag that incorporates the mystery items – no pattern required to be published…this one is just to show off your bag making skillz 😉

Annika used the following items from the Mystery List in her creation:

Boning; Rivets; Lobster clasp (on removable charm bracelet); Gate ring; Beads (on charm bracelet) and a double ended Zip.

She told me…

There is boning to hold the bag rigid horizontally. I sewed a channel through the lining front and back to hold the boning. This stops any sagging.

The bag was constructed as a rectangular pouch and a double ended zip was inserted. The bag was then sewn down the middle (avoiding the boned area) and folded.

I used rivets in construction to secure the central folds together, but also just to bling it up on the outside.

I used a gate ring which attaches to the central strap, which you can remove, or keep attached to add either the clutch strap or a shoulder strap.

And then I added a custom removable chain/charm bracelet with charms and beads. This uses a small lobster clasp, and can be hung off a zip pull or from the gate ring.

What you enjoyed most about the Mystery “Bag” Challenge?

Working out how I was going to do it. I knew I wanted a bow type shape but figuring out the easiest way to get from a to b was a challenge for sure! I realised that I didn’t have to use separate zips, I could just make a rectangle with channels for the boning, and then pull it all in at the middle to secure with rivets.

Tell us a bit about you! How long have you been sewing? Why do you enjoy making bags? What machine do you sew on? What materials do you like working with the most when making bags? What is your favourite part of the bag making process? What is your least favourite part of the bag making process?

I’ve been sewing most of my life. I started with bags maybe four years ago, and was smitten. Since then I try to fit it in every spare moment, although I don’t have many of those, with the day job and the kids. I have been through a few machines but currently work on a Pfaff select 3.2. I’d love an industrial, but room is an issue – I work on the dining room table as it is. I go through phases of using faux leather, tweed, vinyl, but always back to cotton. I recently released my first bag pattern, the On the Move Day bag, which is intended to be sewn using ripstop. I just want to sew. The whole cutting out and interfacing thing is so tedious!

You can find more of Lynn’s work here. Find out more about her entry here.

Until next time, happy sewing!



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