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How to resize a bag pattern

Hi everyone!

I get asked all the time how to resize the Hippo Hobo pattern to make a smaller/mini version, so I thought it was about time I wrote a blog post about it! You can actually use this method on any of my patterns to make them smaller, but I will use the Hippo Hobo Bag as an example for the purposes of this post 😉

When you print your pattern as the pattern states, you will want to chose “Actual Size” or “Custom Scale: 100%”

This will ensure you create a FULL SIZE version of the pattern.

If you want to reduce the size you will just want to change the number you place in the box…

For example, many of you have chosen to make your Hippo Hobo’s 85% for a medium size one or at 65% for a mini version. Below you will see Charlotte‘s different sizes she has made, they are 100%, 80% and 60%…

Some other things that are important to remember:

  • When changing the pattern pieces to a smaller size you will also need to adjust pocket sizes and  handle connector sizes, but you may want to leave the length of the handle as is – a mini handle might not be what you want unless you have mini arms/shoulders 😉
  • When you change the size of your pattern your 1″ square box WILL NOT BE A 1″ square – so don’t let that freak you out, you pattern will still work 😉
  • Your seam allowance will remain the same or you could use a slightly smaller one…but whatever you chose to do, be sure to use the SAME seam allowance through-ought making the bag to ensure all the pieces fit together 😉
  • You won’t need as much fabric as is stated in the materials section.
  • You might need to adjust the size of the hardware you chose to use on your bag – this is really personal preference, so be sure to have a think about how you want your bag to look once its finished and take this into consideration when choosing your hardware.

More examples…

As I said earlier, you can make any of my patterns smaller using this technique – just like I did here.

Another great example is Kirrilee‘s Wild & Raw Pouches!  These are made at at 100%, 75%, 50% 🙂

Have fun creating new and exciting bags both big and small <3

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