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June wrap up – sort of :P

Hi everyone,

My sewing machine is still at the repair shop πŸ™
It has now been there for 4 weeks!
I am missing it dreadfully, especially seeing as I have had a package of happy mail with some gorgeous felt circles, that I have been waiting on to make the belly monster a garland for his room…

I am picturing something like this:

I also wanted to finish a few items as gifts before the belly monster’s imminent arrival…I’m not sure that many of my projects will get finished now, as I am feeling quite tired by the end of the day…BUT I know my sewing time is going to greatly reduce soon too, so I probably will try to push myself once my machine comes home – I just hope its soon!

And how have I been going with my goals? Β I discussed them here in this post.

I was planning on getting over my fear of my overlocker…and, although I am not afraid of it anymore…I have given up on it πŸ˜› Β It just wasn’t working for me – I think it may need to be sent off for a fix too πŸ™ Β I did spend a long time working with it and have 1/2 finished the pants I had planned for the belly monster – I will just have to finish them off with my sewing machine when it comes home πŸ˜€

My second goal was to catch up on my blocks for the hexie block swap…I have managed to finish one block, and I have cut out my next one…but I have just been too tired to start basting them and stitching them together – I am going to aim to try and get a start on this at nap time this week though!

The last goal was to finish some hand sewing on some 1/2 finished projects…which I have done! Β And here they are:

Baby pants for belly monsterΒ 
I used this tutorial (with some adjustments).

Baby pants for a gift
Baby blanket for a gift

I finished these items just before the end of June…So I guess this is sort of my June wrap up?!

I have also been spending a lot of time organising activities for the little monster…I’m hoping these activities will keep him busy and entertained while I’m breast feeding or settling the belly monster – and also give him something to look forward to for what I am describing as “special mummy and monster time”, in actual fact it will probably be more like, “sorry we are stuck at home while your brother is sleeping time” LOL πŸ˜›
Hopefully I have some energy to blog about them as we use them – there are just too many to tell you about themΒ all now πŸ™‚
Anyway, I’m off to bed – my eyes just aren’t staying open πŸ˜›
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