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My bag was in dire need of a tidy up!

Hi everyone

My handbag was in dire need of a tidy up!  Well it has really needed it for a long while, but I’ve only just gotten around to actually making something to tidy it 😛

Here is a look at the before, after and the pouch I made:

The pouch was made using this tutorial.
I did make a few changes…
1. I didn’t bother making the “tabs”
2. I changed the size of the fabric, lining and iron on interfacing pieces to 9″ x 12″
3. I used iron on interfacing on all lining and exterior fabric pieces.
4. I found the instructions a little confusing at the bottom of page 6 (where you are instructed to “pinch the corners”…), so I used another technique to make the corners  and give them their box shape.  I drew 1.5” squares on each of the 8 corners (8 on the wrong side of the 4 corners of the lining, and 8 on wrong side of the 4 corners of the exterior fabric), I then folded (or pinched as the author of the tutorial would say), the fabric so that the corners of the squares met and then stitched along the line – this probably sounds really confusing!  It isn’t, so next time I make one I’ll remember to take photos for you all as I go 🙂

Overall I’m really pleased with the finished product…But I’m even more pleased with the fact that I can now actually find things in my bag!  Especially my keys 😀

Bye for now

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