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Hello 2018!

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe we are already in FEBRUARY of 2018!  Where did 2017 go?!  My little men are slowly getting back into routine after a long summer holiday break.  I actually think this was the best holiday break we have had in the last 3 years since M came along – even though we spent part of it toilet training 😉 Life with a 3 yr old is slowly getting easier…and it helps that both the 6 yr old and the 3 yr old get along together much better now than they used to 😉

Anyway, I know I have been MIA here on my blog since September 2017.  2017 was a tough year for me emotionally and creatively.  A few things happened, but one big thing was the catalyst for my break.  As many of you who follow me on social media would know, I lost my Grandmother in June and I found it extremely hard to bounce back from the loss.  Losing someone you love can really hit you hard. Not only was I sad, but creatively I had no juice (AKA: energy).  I tried to work on a new pattern (which hopefully I will have ready for you all later in the year!), but I kept hitting road block after road block.

Then in September after months of faffing about “trying” to work I decided to give myself a break.  I gave myself permission not to work until I felt ready too.  I had no idea when that would be.  I gave myself permission to not step foot in my sewing room.  I gave myself permission not to be on the computer working on new patterns/blog posts/tutorials/emails for you all.  I gave myself time to heal.  I gave myself time to focus on ME.  I changed my life to better my health and wellbeing – I eat more healthily, I exercise (and enjoy it) 6-7 days a week.  I found these lifestyle changes healing in so many ways.  I am a better mother, wife, daughter and friend now.  Feel free to follow my health and wellbeing transformation on instagram, my account is @_emkie_

Moving forward into 2018 I am giving myself permission not to meet self imposed deadlines (obviously any deadlines where others rely on me will be met – I’m not going to be letting anyone down!).
Plans I had begun working on in 2017 have been put on hold for at least a year. This is because I have realised that I only have one more year with Mr 3 home with me almost full time, in 2019 he will be off to 4 yr old kinder and I will only have one weekday with him all to myself – so I have to make the most of this special time.
In 2018, work will be done, new patterns will be created, but I also need time for ME and my Family.

What will 2018 look like?

  • I will be creating new tutorials, interesting and valuable content for you all on my blog.
  • I will not be releasing new blog posts weekly as I have in previous years.  You can expect new blog posts bi-weekly and on occasion less frequently.
  • Emails to email followers will also be sent bi-weekly and on occasion less frequently in 2018.
  • New patterns will be released when they are ready, not almost monthly as in previous years.
  • You will be able to find all my previous and any new patterns available in both my ETSY shop and in my Shop here on my WEBSITE.
  • I will be more active on Instagram and in my Facebook group than any other avenue – so be sure your following along there if you would like to be kept more closely up-to-date.
  • The Mystery Bag Challenge will not continue in 2018, but may re-appear at some point in the future as it was HEAPS of fun 😉

Other than that, today marks the beginning of my 4th year as an independent pattern designer. I know I normally have a Facebook Party to celebrate, but not this year…
To celebrate this year, you will find all my patterns on SALE from 1/2/21018 (AEDST) to 8/2/2018 (AEDST), so be sure to check out the sale in my Etsy shop 🙂

See you in a few weeks – I may just have a little surprise for you all 😉
Until then, happy sewing!

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