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2 extras I added to my Mini MidSummer’s Night Traveler – and you can too!

Hi Everyone!

Last week I showed you all how to make a Mini Midsummer’s Night Traveler using my new pattern the MidSummer’s Night Traveler.  I kept a few little extras hidden in the photos I shared last week – I know I’m sneaky 😀  – but thought you all might be interesting in seeing the 2 extras I added to my Mini MidSummer’s Night Traveler, in case you were interested in adding them too 😉


So do you want to see what I added to my Mini MidSummer’s Night Traveler?


I added a vertical zip pocket and some small eyelets so I could hang a very pretty Emmaline Bags “Handmade” swing tag and give my Mini MidSummer’s Night Traveler a professional finish!

Aren’t these 2 little extras just fabulous?!  So do you want to know all the details so you can add these to your next Mini MidSummer’s Night Traveler – well keep reading my friends 🙂

***These extras would look fabulous on your full size MidSummer’s Night Traveler too!  Just remember you will need to make some adjustments to the measurements listed below 😉 ***

1. Adding a Vertical Zip Pocket to your Mini MidSummer’s Night Traveler:


What you will need-

  • 5″ (12.5cm) Zip
  • 7″H x 10″W (17.5cm x 25.5cm) fabric & medium weight interfacing

What to do-

  • Complete up to and including step 14 of the pattern.
  • Turn your body piece to the side, and position the top of you fabric for the zip pocket approximately 2″ (5cm) from the side accent – make sure the fabric for your pocket is right sides together with the body piece. Insert your zip pocket using the instructions found in this blog post.


  • Continue with the pattern at step 15.
  • When completing step 84, the top of the zip pocket should be caught in the top seam.
  • Continue with the pattern at step 85 – being sure to trim the bulk from the seam!

Your pocket will look fabulous when your bag is finished 🙂

2. Adding some small eyelets to hang an Emmaline Bags “Handmade” swing tag:


What you will need-

What to do-

  • Complete the pattern as stated.
  • Once your bag is finished, choose where you would like your Swing tag to hang.
  • Mark the position of the 1st eyelet and install using the instructions found in this blog post.
  • Then mark the position of your second eyelet, and install in the same way.
  • Thread the chain of the swing tag though the eyelets and your finished!


I hope you have enjoyed this little post on how to add these 2 little extras to your Mini MidSummer’s Night Traveler 🙂

I would love to see any Mini MidSummer’s Night Traveler’s/ Full size MidSummer’s Night Traveler’s you make, so please feel free to share them with me via FB, IG, or T 🙂 or just use the tag #midsummersnighttraveler

If you would like to purchase the MidSummer’s Night Traveler pattern, you can do so on Etsy or Craftsy.

If you do use this tutorial to add elasticised pockets to your gusseted bag feel free to use the tag #tutorialsbyemkie:)

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Happy sewing everyone!

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