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How to identify the difference between Clip/Snip and Notch…


Hi Everyone

Today I want to take a moment to discuss how to identify the difference between Clip/Snip(ing) a seam and Notch(ing) a seam when bag making. Usually in a bag pattern you are asked to Clip/Snip/Notch a curved seam, and by Clip/Snip/Notch(ing) the seam you help the seam sit better once the bag has been turned.

Let’s have a look at the difference…

Example of a Clip/Sniped seam


Clip/Snip(ing) a seam is helping to provide the curved fabric with extra room to move so that the curve can sit as desired.  If you find your curve doesn’t sit as nicely as you want it to, make your Clip/Snip(s) closer together and make more of them.

Example of a Notched seam 


Notch(ing) a seam again helps to provide extra room within the seam allowance to that the curve can sit as desired.  However this technique is often more useful for heavier and stiffer fabric types or even for fabrics that have less “give”.


You can also use your pinking sheers if you prefer…this is sort of like a cross between Clip/Snip(ing) and Notch(ing), I like to think of it as making mini notches 😉

I like to use my pinking shears on areas that will require large amounts of Clip/Snip(ing), as its quicker to use shears than making lots of little Clip/Snips.

My pinking shears are great on thinner fabrics, but struggle with heavy weight ones (like leather), so i tend to only use them on light-medium weight fabrics.


I hope you have found this explanation helpful for your future bag making, using these techniques correctly will help you improve the finish of your bag – helping you achieve a professional finish.  If you would like more tips on creating a more professional looking bags, check out this post.

Happy Sewing!

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