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How to make a Tassel closure for your Hippo Hobo {Guest post by Maria}

Hi Everyone

You might remember this gorgeous Hippo Hobo that Maria, part of my testing team, made during the testing phase…


Maria included that gorgeous tassel on her Hippo Hobo instead of the little loop closure that is included in the pattern…and I loved it so much I asked her if she would like to share with us all how she made it (so we can make one too!), I was so pleased when she said she would 🙂

So over to Maria so we can learn…

Maria tassel guest post

To add a tassel closure to your hippo hobo, you will need to follow all directions in the pattern other than those relating to the little loop closure and don’t forget to leave of the hook tab and small swivel hook too!
Simply sew the bag with no closure since the tassel will be attached at the very end, when the bag is finished.



  • 1 x o-ring ( I used a 1 5/8” ring but you can use another size)
  • leather scraps
  • 2 x rivets
  • rotary cutter
  • quilting ruler
  • cutting mat
  • rivet setting tool
  • Anvil
  • double sided tape




Straighten one of the sides of your leather scrap. You need to cut the side using the rotary cutter and the quilting ruler. Make sure your scrap is at least 12” long if you want to make a short tassel or 15” long if you want a long tassel.

Start cutting 1/8” wide x 12” (or 15”) long strips from the leather. You will need 12 strips total.


Set aside one strips for later. Collect all the remaining strips and try to line up the short ends as best as you can. Thread them together through the o-ring.


Place the o-ring in the middle of the strips and fold the strips in half. If your ring has a join, try to hide it underneath the strips.

missing 1

TIP: You can hold the strips together by using an elastic band, so you can work on the tassel more comfortably.


Take the ring with the strips in your hand and grab the remaining strip you set aside earlier. Place it on top, so one short end is sticking out by 1 ½” (approximately). Hold it in place with your thumb.


Fold the bottom part of the strip up to form a loop that extends about 1” past your thumb.


Take the longer end of the strip and start wrapping it around the grouped strips. Make sure you start near the o-ring and that you wrap it firmly (but not too tight). You may need to practice a little bit to achieve a nicely wrapped tassel.


Keep wrapping until you have about 2” left of your strip. Then, insert the end of the strip through the loop.


Pull gently at the top end of the strip, until you see the loop disappear under the wrapped portion. The loop will pull the other end of the strip under the wrapped portion too. You don’t want to pull the loop all the way up under the wrapped portion, pull it just under the wrapping to make it stay there.



Cut both short ends of the strip as short and close to the wrap as possible (see pink arrows above).


OPTIONAL – Cut the bottom end of the tassel to make it look tidy and nice.

Now it is time to attach the tassel to the flap.


First you will need to cut a piece of leather ¾” wide x 6 ½” long to make the Tab. Thread it through the o-ring and fold it in the middle.

Place it in the middle of the top flap.

Make sure it is centred.

Decide how much you want the strap to overlap with the flap. Position it and hold it in place with some double sided tape.


Attach your rivets, just follow the directions and tips provided in the hippo hobo pattern (page 5), or you might find the tips provided in this guest post & tutorial helpful.


And your tassel is ready!!

You can use the same technique to make a matching key fob tassel if you wish!

missing 2

I used 1/8” long x 6” long leather strips and a ¾”wide (which was the width of the d-ring I used) x 3 “ long tab.


Thank you so much Maria this tutorial was fabulous! I’m off to make my 1st tassel…
Happy Sewing 🙂





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