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Mystery “Bag” Challenge: Alison from Lorelei Jayne

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the 2nd big reveal!  I am so excited to share with you Alison from Lorelei Jayne‘s Mystery “Bag” Challenge creation today 🙂

Over to you Alison…

I’m the designer, writer and creator at Lorelei Jayne and I like all things sewing and crafting. I love creating sewing tutorials, blog posts and bag sewing patterns. I’ve been sewing for almost 7 years and blogging for about it for 4 years. My designs are modern, fun and beginner friendly!
Let’s get to know Alison a little bit more before we have a look at her fabulous creation 😉
1. Describe yourself in 5 words…
Creative, driven, silly, weird and friendly.
2. Tell us something not many people would know about you…
I work 4 days a week and run my business around work and wrangling kids (and husband)
3. How long have you been sewing?
7 years, I have known how since being a kid but didn’t realise it was a passion until 7 years ago.
4. Is sewing the only craft you spend time enjoying? If not, what other crafts help you pass the time?
Sewing is a business and passion but I think crochet, DIY and now hand embroidery are my hobbies. I’m addicted to colouring too. Especially with glitter gel pens! 
5. Do you only make bags? If not, what else do you enjoy making?
Bags I love the most but I make some of my own clothes, kids clothes, mend (only if I have to) and I like sewing small house projects like cushions and curtains.
6. What made you fall in love with making bags?
The steps in bag making and the elements is what I really love about bag making, each bag can be shaped and designed slightly different, patterns aren’t ridged like in clothing, add another pocket, closer, zip or just a function that it didn’t have before and it’s different again.
7. What was your favourite item in the mystery bag challenge list? Did you use it in your entry? If not, why?
Grommets, because I haven’t used them in a design before. A challenge is just what I needed!
8. Have you got any exciting things coming up that you think would interest us? We would love to support you if you do!
Lots of new designs are coming in 2017 to the Lorelei Jayne Blog, a lot of new free tutorials, and pattern reviews.
9. Which category did you decide to enter the Mystery “Bag” Challenge in? Why did you chose this category?
Design a Paid pattern that incorporates the Mystery items, I used a Magnetic snap, grommet/s and piping cord. I actually had to hold myself back from using more items!
10. What is your favourite thing about your entry into the challenge?
The pockets! I always love the pockets the most in designs. They bring functionality and style to any bag.
11. What did you enjoy most about the challenge?
I love that it made me use things I don’t normally use in my design, the time frame kept me on my toes and I was very organised (for a change) and I love seeing everyone’s designs.
Ok so I bet you now can’t wait to get a look at Alison’s great creation…let’s have a look at it in more detail…

(oh and if you want a little recap on what the challenge was and what items were on the mystery list, just click here!)

Introducing the Lily Bag!

I was very excited to create a unique design for this challenge. My items from the Mystery bag list are a magnetic snap, piping cord and grommets. It’s my first time using piping and grommets in my designs and I wanted to keep the lily bag very beginner friendly and a quick sew project.

The Lily bag has a front pocket with piping used on the pocket edge. The Grommets are using to connect the bag strap to the bag with grommet tabs. And the Magnetic snap keeps the flap closed to protect your items in the front pocket.

The Lily bag also features a zip pocket at the back and a large bag interior. This bag shows of blocks of fabric, is a quick sew and can be added to easily.

The finished size of this bag is 8.5” x 9” with the flap down.

The Notions required are:

1x 7” zips
1 x Magnetic Closure
2 x 1/2” (12mm) Grommets
Size 00 (2.5mm) Piping Cord
2 x 3/4” (20mm) Swivel Clips

The fabric required to make the Lily bag is:

1/4 Yard Light weight Fusible Interfacing (Optional)
11” x WOF Fusible Fleece
1/4 Yard for lining fabric
1/2 Yard for exterior

The Lily bag is a great everyday bag, teen bag and even great for kids. The pattern is available on:
Website: www.loreleijayne.com
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LoreleiJayne
Craftsy: https://www.craftsy.com/profile/lorelei-jayne?SSAID=1010818&sasClickId=41k1_37tlu

See!  I told you it was great!

I bet you can hardly wait to see the next one be revealed in a few days time 😉

Until then, happy sewing!

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