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Mystery “Bag” Challenge: Cyndi from Nosy Pepper

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the 9th big reveal!  I am so excited to share with you Cyndi from Nosy Pepper‘s Mystery “Bag” Challenge creation today 🙂

So without further ado…over to the creator & owner of Nosy Pepper!

After a lifelong love of fine art, I fell into sewing by complete accident. It has since become a passion of its own. I work full time in child psychiatry and have two amazing kids. I have more interests than hours in the day and I always struggle to balance my need to adult with my need to create. If it’s something that can be made, I want to learn how to do it–Make ALL the things! Bags being my favorite thing to create, as I’m a bit of a bag making addict.
Let’s get to know Cyndi a little bit more before we have a look at her wonderful creation 😉
1. Describe yourself in 5 words…
Creative, Flexible, Messy, Determined, Compassionate
2. Tell us something not many people would know about you…
That I am a total word game dork, I LOVE word games. I can play a mean game of Boggle.
3. How long have you been sewing?
I started sewing in 2011 and I’ve pretty much been in love with bags since I started sewing.
4. Is sewing the only craft you spend time enjoying?
No, I have too many interests and not enough time! I love to create, and I also enjoy crocheting, knitting, hand embroidery, painting, drawing,
5. Do you only make bags?
98% percent of my time sewing is devoted to bag making. I am not much of a quilter or garment maker, but I do like to make cute things for my 2 year old and for my 7 year old when he will allow it. I have made a few knit items for myself, but I’ve not sewn a knitted garment for myself.
6. What made you fall in love with making bags?
I am an instant gratification girl. I get bored quickly and like projects I can finish in a day or within a few days. Although I admire quilts, the time and precision involved in them doesn’t appeal to me. I like making things that are functional, individual, stylish AND don’t take months to complete. Bags just appeal to me on all levels. I love hardware, zippers, mixing materials and trying new techniques. Which is so funny because before sewing (and even to some extent now) I would get some random bag from Target and carry it until it fell apart. I have no time to switch bags all the time.
7. What was your favourite item in the mystery bag challenge list?
Eyelets/grommets. Did you use it in your entry? Yes!! I had tried a couple of different bag designs and different ways that I wanted to use them. Ultimately, I used them as a design feature, and I love the way they look with the vinyl and glitter accents on my bag.
8. Have you got any exciting things coming up that you think would interest us?
Last summer I did a Blog series sharing some tips and tricks specific to bag making, and I am hoping to do this again this summer. I am writing a series over on the Emmaline Bags blog called Handmade Couture in which I show you how to recreate designer (read: crazy expensive) bags with sewing patterns from indie designers, fabrics and hardware. I’d love for you to check it out and tell me your thoughts.
9. Which category did you decide to enter the Mystery “Bag” Challenge in? Why did you chose this category?
An original bag. The first thing I thought of when Emma emailed me was that this was like “Chopped” for us bag lovers. So, keeping true to the idea of making something out of a random list, I really wanted to create something from scratch. It was some trial and error and a lot of error, but I am glad that I went with making an original bag.
10. What is your favourite thing about your entry into the challenge?
The accent stripes. I picked a messenger bag because it’s a pretty blank canvas to work with and it was a great “no frills” project to try and make the challenge items stand out. I know the accents weren’t really part of the list but I love the look they give to an otherwise simple bag.
11. What did you enjoy most about the challenge?
Thinking about creative ways to use the challenge items. I liked thinking about how to incorporate as many as possible without the bag looking “overdone”.

Let’s have a look at Cyndi’s amazing creation…(oh and if you want a little recap on what the challenge was and what items were on the mystery list, just click here!)

Hello Emkie Fans! My name is Cyndi and I am the bag maker behind The Nosy Pepper. I am so excited to be sharing the bag that I created for The Mystery Bag Challenge. I was honored when Emma asked me if I would be willing to participate in this challenge, and also a bit daunted by the idea of creating a bag with a yet to be determined list of items to include. After I received the list, I was a bit apprehensive about how to go about creating my bag. I wanted to include as many of the items as I could and I knew that I wanted to make a bag of my own design, to challenge myself. True to my own flight of ideas, I had a hard time settling on a design and sewed up several different bags in the process. Ultimately, I ended up deciding to go with a simple messenger bag style that I felt would allow the individual items to stand out. So, I present to you the Sgt. Pepper bag:

As far as bags go, a messenger bag is a pretty blank canvas. This was what I had in mind to highlight with the items and some accent pieces. I accented the front flap with vinyl (both marine and glitter), as well as the coordinating buttons and a zippered pocket.

For the closure, I didn’t want anything that would take away visual interest from the flap, but would also incorporate other items in the challenge. I made a closure with glitter vinyl, a D ring and a swivel snap hook. I also accented the closure with the eyelets.

Piping isn’t something you usually associate being pared with messenger bags but I knew I wanted to include it somewhere. So I made a small piece of glitter vinyl piping, and used it along the top of the exterior pocket under the flap. I like that it adds a bit of contrast to the essex linen pocket.

The back of the bag, also has a pocket, with a trim of glitter vinyl along the top, and easy place to store keys, your phone or anything you want to keep within easy reach.

The chain was the part that gave me the most headache, although we didn’t HAVE to include it, I really wanted this element in my bag. A chain strap isn’t the most functional choice for a messenger bag, that may get weighed down being loaded up with stuff. I added it merely as a visual element, and I really like how it looks! It’s detachable, so it can be added or removed depending on your preference.

The interior is pink, simply because I can’t get over my love for pink and green. The interior pocket is large and those large interior bags have a tendency to slouch over and make it hard to reach into your bag without watching what you are doing. To counter this, I added a magnetic snap closure to keep the pocket flush with the side of the lining. I added a couple of contrast stripes on the pocket as well.

I’m really happy with how this bag came out. It’s functional and I hope that the use of the elements stand out against the practicality of the messenger bag. The chain accent and stripes are what led to me dubbing this the Sgt. Pepper Bag. This bag was a challenge in a fun way, and I’m so honored to have been a participant in this challenge. Thanks for having me Emma! I hope you guys like Sgt. Pepper as much as I do!

Isn’t Cyndi’s creation amazing! I bet you can hardly wait to see the next one be revealed in a few days time 😉

Until then, happy sewing!

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